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As a professional services firm focused on innovative business analytics solutions - we can boost your business with the tools, knowledge and services we provide.

  • Applying analytics in retail

    Grocery, drug, and do-it-yourself retailers that follow driven category planning, achieve 3-5% sales uplift over 6–18 months
    Source: Florian Bressand, Peter Breuer and Nedim Suruliz, "Insight-driven sales transformation"
    McKinsey & Company, 2.14

  • Big Data and analytics in supply chain

    Companies that use big data and advanced analytics to simplify distribution networks typically gain savings in the range from 10 to 20 % of freight and warehousing costs, as well as large savings in inventories.
    Source: Libor Kotlik, Christian Greiser, and Michele Brocca, "Making Big Data Work. Supply Chain Management", bcg.perspectives by The Boston Consulting Group, 2015

  • Utilizing online marketing through analytics

    To more effectively measure and understand the impact of its online marketing initiatives on Macy's store sales, increased its analytical capabilities resulting in an e-mail subscription churn reduction of 20 percent.
    Source: SAS Institute,

  • Applying analytics in energy & utilities

    Comprehensive view of the customer, blending together products and targeting them at different segments, as well as improving customer retention can add revenue streams and improve customer profitability by 7 to 20 % of sales in the short and over 50 % over the long term.
    Source: Jon Brock, Stephan Lehrke, Tamim Saleh, and Nadjia Yousif , "Making Big Data Work. Retail Energy", bcg.perspectives by The Boston Consulting Group, 2014

  • Analytics in forecasting

    More accurate forecasting, supported by collaborative processes, can bring reduction of working capital up to 20 % and reduction of out of stock events by up to 6%.
    Source: Alex Romanenko, Alex Artamonov, "Using analytics to make powerful business decisions", 2014

What we do?

By partnering with us either in introduction or mastering analytics on different levels in the organization, our clients get maximized effectiveness of resources utilization, transparency, innovative business models and data monetization.
Find out more details about our services and solutions in the following areas:

Analytics Consulting
Analytics Consulting

Business analytics and big data services dedicated to solve specific business challenges as well as to support decision making in an agile and innovative approach.

Analytics Solutions
Analytics Solutions

Proven on-demand industry solutions and applications of the leading software providers.
Own solutions in HR and mobile marketing & sales.

Analytics Outsourcing
Analytics Outsourcing

Business and technical staff outsourcing from developers to interim management covering all areas of analytics (e.g. big data, customer journey, data warehouse). Complex and unique outsourcing model for processes and analytical functions.


Based on our expertise we provide dedicated industry solutions of the leading business analytics software providers that enable our clients to get the most of the data they possess and the data living outside the organization.

Communications and media

Revenue enhancement and builidng customer loyalty through cross-sell and up-sell modeling, customer segmentation and profiling, churn prediction, next best action and social media analytics.

Our solutions

Our own solutions enable our Clients to expand their business through monetizing data on existing customer segments, building new streams of revenues while managing the commitment and satisfaction of workforce.


HR Pulse is an innovative tool for employee satisfaction surveying and analysis. It enables online surveying of employees to provide a constant feedback to the orga through complex analysis and reporting.


IPPLICATION is a marketing & sales platform for mobile customers. Based on location data, IPPLICATION provides customer base targeting and segmentation, definition of micro campaigns for selected locations as well as advanced analysis and reporting.

Our partners


SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market.


Hortonworks® is the leading contributor to and provider of Apache™ Hadoop® for the enterprise, and its mission is to establish Hadoop as the foundational technology of the modern enterprise data architecture.


Hadatap is a leading Polish wireless technologies integrator (including RFID) focusing on solutions for manufacturing and supply chain processes as well as for facility management.

KONTAKT.IO are a leading global provider of Beacon hardware, backend, and software development services.


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