Our own solutions enable our clients to expand their business through monetizing data on existing customer segments, building new streams of revenues while managing the commitment and satisfaction of workforce.

Introduction of ReeWise solutions in analytics gives our clients a positive market differentiator.


IPPLICATION is a marketing & sales platform for mobile customers. Using complex algorithms and tailored business processes, among other functionalities, our solution provides customer base targeting and segmentation, definition of micro campaigns for selected locations, definition of location maps as well as advanced analysis and reporting.

IPPLICATION offers continuous contact with customers through analysis of their migrations among locations, over 70% more effective communication with customers, execution of communications with the client based on location data, real time offerings for customers ( „in store” products) and reduction of marketing costs as a result of location data usage.


HR Pulse is an innovative tool for employee satisfaction surveying and analysis. It enables online surveying of employees to provide a constant feedback to the company through complex analysis and reporting.

HR Pulse enables either self-service administration by the client or is managed by ReeWise team supported with additional HR expertise by our dedicated partners.