By partnering with us in introduction or mastering analytics on different levels in the organization, our clients get maximized effectiveness of resources utilization, transparency, innovative business models and data monetization.

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Analytics Consulting Analytics Consulting

Customer analytics

  • Cross-sell and up-sell modelling for quick and sustainable growth of revenue and profit.
  • Customer segmentation and profiling to better understand who our customers are and what are their needs and behaviours.
  • Churn modeling to prevent leakage of customers – we can identify by survival analyses what is the risk of customer to churn and when such process may likely to happen over time.
  • Next best action – we design an engine with number of propensity models enriched by event detection engine and rules engine to determine the best potential next action for customer to ensure achievement of business goals.
  • Acquisition modeling – by usage of web analytics and other advanced techniques like social network analytics, social media analytics we can help to reach prospect customers and convert them to OUR customers.

Customer journey analytics

Utilizing campaign management solutions we provide implementation and advisory services on automation and optimization of customer contact processes and how to use customer touch points. In practice we help our clients to implement the paradigm of „every customer contact is a possibility to sale”. Utilizing advanced text mining capabilities including paper, email correspondence and voice to text analytics, we provide analyses and knowledge to better manage sales and marketing activities as well as we provide additional data for internal processes like frauds detection, audits, etc.

Sales analytics

We build analyses around demand generation process and help better understand efficiency of the sales process based on closed loop analytics among all of the steps in opportunity lifecycle. We help our clients to optimize allocation of resources and sales force to generate desired level of sales and new opportunities funnel (sales workforce analytics).

Financial analytics

Using internal and external data, planning and budgeting with advanced forecasting analytics, we provide tools to perform the most accurate prediction in sales and costs areas and to prevent revenue leakage (revenue assurance analytics).

Fraud and risk analytics

Implementation of fraud and risk analytics improves internal audit processes and fraud detection ratio, reduces number of claims and assures optimal customer claims routes. For example, from the risk perspective through behavioural scoring implementation we can give a reliable risk score for sales and marketing departments that will allow direct pre-approved offers to be presented to customers. These types of services generate positive impact on customer experience and allow generation of incremental positive impact on the top line. In risk analytics space we deal also with market and operational risk and other related to both internal and external requirements of regulatory bodies and clients’ needs.

Big data and business intelligence technology

  • Big data solutions gather company related data (external and internal) for potential exploration and search for unexpected and potentially valuable events, patterns and insights. They all can help doing business in more efficient and innovative way. We design solutions that are scalable, inexpensive and are the real option for commercial products to build blocks of next generation BI solutions. We use also big data solutions to off-load data and processing power from standard BI solutions to allow cost effective growth of existing environments.
  • Architecture design and Implementation of business intelligence solutions. We support our clients in business requirements management and business case development. During implementation we work close within business transformation of the BI solutions, business process modelling, development of innovative technologies and project management.
  • Performance review and improvement of existing solutions. We deliver tools for measurement of real performance of BI and analytics platforms. We help our clients in preparation and implementation of improvement plans. Based on our experience, we can significantly improve processing and availability of business data.
  • Revitalization of legacy BI environments. We do all the processes of BI solutions modernization – starting from definition of new expectations, followed by analyses of current state and finishing with preparation of cost effective new architecture design and then transformation including data migration and business change management.

Analytics and big data trainings

  • Technology trainings related with SAS technology and Hadoop platform.
  • Business trainings related with big data and Internet of Things and implementation of these concepts in the organization – dedicated for managers and specialists representing all functions (marketing, sales, HR, IT).
  • Data miner and data analyst trainings, to improve variety of used methods and improve outcome of their work.

Analytics Solutions Analytics Solutions


IPPLICATION is a marketing & sales platform for mobile customers. Using complex algorithms and tailored business processes, among other functionalities, our solution provides customer base targeting and segmentation, definition of micro campaigns for selected locations, definition of location maps as well as advanced analysis and reporting. IPPLICATION offers to our clients continuous contact with customers through analysis of their migrations among locations, over 70% more effective communication with customers, execution of communications with the client based on location data, real time offerings for customers („in store” products) and reduction of marketing costs as a result of location data usage.


HR Pulse is an innovative tool for employee satisfaction surveying and analysis. It enables online surveying of employees to provide a constant feedback to the company through complex analysis and reporting. HR Pulse enables either self-service administration by the client or managed by ReeWise team supported with additional HR expertise by our dedicated partners.

Analytics Outsourcing Analytics Outsourcing

Business and technical staff outsourcing

We can provide dedicated teams of experts covering diversified business or technology aspects of analytics (e.g. big data, customer journey, data warehouse). Our team can support either a specific task or a wide scope of activities across all phases of implementation of an analytics or big data solution. For example, we can provide coding teams and services, methodology based testing services for all development phases and advanced testing like continuity, security, performance testing.
We can provide a wide range of specialists with different levels of experience – developers, architects, testers as well as project managers and business analysts.

Business functions outsourcing

Apart from outsourcing of skilled business and technology resources, we offer full analytical business process and functions outsourcing, spanning from risk management to fraud detection. For each case, our unique outsourcing model for processes and analytical functions is tailored to the needs of our clients. Service model includes advanced software usage and pay as you use pricing.

Technology support

We deliver system installation, configuration and troubleshooting services, so our customer can focus on usage of the analytical tools.
We support our clients on technology advice to provide scarce resources to our customers.
We also offer hosting of analytics platforms and rescue services in case of unexpected failures. Our experienced team can provide maintenance services of complex business intelligence environments.
We deliver support and operations in 24/7 regime with various SLAs.